What is a session like?

Each day is unique in its own way, each Trager session is unique in its own way.  There are no two days where we are exactly the same or where our needs are the same.  A Trager session begins, firstly, with meeting you where you are that day.  Secondly, you’ll talk about what your goal is for the session.  Before and/or after the tablework, you and Amber will explore some Mentastics®, which help to further integrate the feelings of lightness experienced during the tablework and act as an integral tool in the creation of new movement patterns and possibilities.  One of the most potent aspects of the Trager Approach is the ability to recall the positive feeling experience of deep relaxation and effortless movement.

“Asking ourselves questions such as ‘What could be easier?  What could be more free?’ in times of pain and stress break patterns of hardness and restriction.”

~ Judy Fasone, Trager Practitioner

During the tablework you lie passively on a padded table in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.  Your body will be supported and gently moved using rocking, lengthening, swinging, spiraling, and shimmering movements.  As the body and mind receive the information of easy, effortless movement, tensions begin to disappear.  Because the work is so gentle, never engaging resistance or forcing movement, Trager cultivates openness and the release of deep-seated movement patterns while facilitating a deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and mental clarity.  The effects of Trager are cumulative.  A single session can be incredibly effective and beneficial.  Releasing significant holding patterns can be enhanced by a series of sessions and your own Mentastics practice.  A traditional session lasts 90 minutes, however 60 minute and 30 minute sessions can be arranged.

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