So, what is the Trager Approach…..and why choose it??

What is the Trager Approach and why choose it?  Good question…and there are many answers.  Let’s start with just a few.  Whether you’re looking to experience hands-on work that is different from massage, something that will work intuitively alongside physical therapy or chiropractic care, or something that will specifically address habitual movement patterns and affect your muscles, ligaments, and tendons from the inside out, the Trager Approach creates the opportunity for growth and change in many different ways.  Trager Pracitioner Jo Larsen, who studied under Dr. Milton Trager, sums it up beautifully!

What is Trager ?

“Trager is a form of healing bodywork that involves blissful rocking and soft, playful bouncing of limbs and muscles, all done in a state of relaxation that is so deep and profound that nearly half of people experiencing it immediately go into a light, healing trance state. By the end of the treatment most everyone succumbs to its trance like rhythms, and is left feeling a profound sense of relaxation, well-being, and pleasure in motion.”

Why Choose Trager?

“I love getting good bodywork. I have benefited from many approaches, from the subtlety of acupuncture and energy work to the hard, direct approach of deep tissue, physical therapy and chiropractic. I’m trained in, and have worked in many styles of massage, energy based healing and movement training. So why do I prefer using Trager to deal with most of the challenging and simple issues that my clients bring to me?

Put simply, Trager works deeply, quickly, and with less wear and tear on your body. It feels amazing, is remarkably effective and is completely pain free. A vast majority of people I’ve worked on responded best to Trager compared to other forms of bodywork.  It causes less breakdown of muscle than deep tissue work or even a typical massage and causes less pain than physical therapy. Trager is wonderfully supportive in dealing with emotional trauma. Trager is more complete, facilitating stress reduction, pain management, trauma support and movement re-education at the same time while leaving you feeling more whole and at peace than you’ve ever felt. The effects are more profound and longer lasting than massage. From my point of view, why work harder to create less benefit?”

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