LOWER BACK – Kick a can

To help create space and freedom in the lower back, take a little walk…..and pretend that you’re gently kicking a can.

Created by Dr. Milton Trager:

Kick while walking, as if you are kicking a tin can.  It is done with an attitude of indifference, as though you do not care where the can goes.  Take small steps without sustaining the kick.  If you feel tension developing in your thighs, then you are holding the foot out too long.  With every step you take in this manner, you can be creating space and freedom in the lower back.

It is never how strong you kick.  Do not drive the legs out.  The kick is not a deliberate movement.  It is like doing nothing.  It is a happening.  Feel the jiggle in your lower back and legs.  Let it be rhythmic, beautiful, and expressive, like a dance.

Categories: Mentastics®

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